Nightlife in Delhi

Complete Guide to Explore the Night Life in Delhi

Delhi being the capital of India has been considered as one of the most happening cities of the country and people of Delhi always love been called the “Party Animals”. Delhi is among the most dynamic areas that never sleeps. Delhi is an energetic city, where individuals are the very obsessive worker. They buckle down in working hours and party till late at night. One can say that Delhi does not rest and nightlife in Delhi is extremely dynamic.

For the most part, people are busy in their work during the day so in the night they wish to explore the bars of the city. You may always find an event happening in the clubs and pubs of Delhi which could come as a source of entertainment for the people who wishes to explore the nightlife in Delhi. Most of the nights there is an unplugged night or DJs night and sometimes many singers come to these cafes and perform a little concert over there.

NightLife In Delhi

The best thing about the bars of Delhi is the loaded atmosphere, quality crowd, best cocktails and mocktails, and loud music too. Since Delhi being the hub of students and youths so these bars organize special discounts for them to have a better footfall. This is also true that if you don’t love to party, the nightlife of Delhi has still a lot to offer you. One can go to a famous Restaurant that opens till late and serves the authentic north Indian food and you might have plenty of options to have a nightlife in Delhi
Also, the nightlife in Delhi is not only about the party, but the vibe you get on the city also stays within your heart until the end of time. Though there are still some people who compare Delhi Nightlife with Mumbai’s zapping nightlife. However it is important for you to come out of your cozy blankets and explore what this city has to offer you, We should view these amazing spots where one can make the most of your nightlife in Delhi.

1)    Clubs and Pubs

Clubs In Delhi

Delhi being the centre of attraction is almost full of Cafes and night pubs. You may find a cafe in almost every corner of the city. Café is generally to spend a beautiful evening with your friends or loved ones enjoying unplugged music. When it comes to having a party till 4 am you have to go to the best pubs in Delhi. Sharing a list of Pubs in Delhi you can’t afford to miss.

–    Kitty Su
–    Playboy
–    Rsvp
–    F Bar & Lounge
–    Jungle Café

2)    Pandara Road

Pandara Road

On the off chance that you are craving for best Punjabi food, Pandara Road is one such place where all your crave for Punjabi food would get fulfilled. Pandara road is also Credited as a food paradise of Delhi which is particularly for Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni. You may always find this place full of the most happening crowd and all the food lovers. This place is open till 2 am and some are also open till 4 am. All you need is a good company to rob all the best butter chicken. Do check out the list of places where you must visit in Pandara Road.

–    Have  more
–    Gulati
–    Chicken inn
–    Pindi

3)    India Gate

India Gate

India Gate has always been on the top 5 things to do when it comes about talking of nightlife in Delhi. Though you may not find much of crowd as it was 5 years back but this could be a place to lie down on the grass while forgetting all your worries of your life for some moments. This is a place which is quite pocket-friendly and you can visit it with your family or friends as well. You can enjoy Ice creams, candy, and even Chuski over there. Lovely Chuski is the most prominent place over there.

4)    Bangla Sahib Gurdwara

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is one such place which might turn all the vibes of a person into a positive one. Located in the centre of Delhi i.e. Connaught Place,  Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is the best for all the people who want to have some peace in life. This is also true that the people who come to Visit Delhi must go to Gurudwara Sahib as people believe that all your wishes come true over here, all you need is purity and serenity in your heart.

5)    Moolchand Parantha

Moolchand Parantha

Stuffed and satisfying in each sense, paranthas hold an exceptional spot in each Delhite’s heart. This is the reason you will discover no less than one unbelievable parantha joint at each edge of the city. In this way, if Old Delhi has its Paranthe Wali Gali, South Delhi has Moolchand Parantha, found directly beside the Moolchand metro station, serving the most delicious assortment of paranthas.

6)    Haunted Places in Delhi

Haunted Place In Delhi

Delhi is one such a spot which has everything. The nightlife in Delhi, the happening places in Delhi and the list continue with what all Delhi has. What’s more, of all that, Haunted places in Delhi is basically well known among individuals but you should be adventurous and strong hearted to go to these places. Some still believe that a couple of souls keep on remaining on earth even after death while others believe this as only stories from cowardly individuals. In any case, accept on the off chance that we reveal to you that a metropolitan city like Delhi likewise has a lot of frequented spots? Trust it or not, the capital city of India is one of the spookiest places in the nation. I’m not saying that apparitions exist but rather individuals have encountered paranormal exercises at some Haunted places in Delhi. I am sharing a list of places where you can go to explore the nightlife in Delhi but I must warn you that you should have at least a group of  4-5 people with you to handle any difficult situation

–    Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque
–    Mutiny house, Kashmiri Gate
–    Delhi Cantonment
–    Sanjay Van  Near Vasant Kunj
–     Agrasen Ki Baoli

Thank you for reading the list of places you can consider in the nightlife in Delhi. Do share in comments that how much you like our blog and share the places in Delhi which are especially close to your heart.

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